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Adding and Managing Images
Adding and Managing Images

How to make your group feel more like home.

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Adding imagery to your Backpack group helps convey a sense of community and spirit that’s unique to your group and brand. Using your organization’s or group’s brand imagery will also help make the group pages more familiar and recognizable to members. The images you select will be displayed on both your group’s publicly available join page and in the Backpack Health app.

The following images are supported:

  • Banner

  • Photos

  • Group icon

  • Organization logo

Before getting started, please note:

  • Images will likely need to be edited to fit the requirements of the group pages. You should have access to an image editing tool like Preview on macOS or Paint on Windows.

  • Before using any image, make sure you have the rights and permissions to use them including releases from photo subjects.

Prepare your Images

Images must meet the required dimensions (width and height) and be under the file size limit. Only PNG and JPEG file types can be used. These requirements make sure your images will display and load nicely on the site and app.

Tips to prepare images:

  • Start with a copy of an image – so original images are not affected

  • If the image needs to be adjusted, it’s better to start with something larger than you need (rather than smaller, to avoid blurriness or distortion)

  • Open the image with an image editing tool to adjust the dimensions based on the requirements below. You can do this by:

  • Cropping the image manually to the necessary width and height

  • Typing in the pixels for either width or height (while keeping the “Scale proportionally” or “maintain aspect ratio” option selected)

Your banner is meant to set the tone for your group. The best type of image to use for it has texture and/or color and doesn’t include text or a specific visual focus point (as cropping can occur when the banner displays across different device screen widths). 

  • Dimensions:  2048 pixels wide x 300 pixels tall (or a minimum of 1024 x 150 pixels)

  • File size limit:  3MB


You can choose up to four images to display in an array on your publicly available page and in the app. This is a great way to reinforce your group’s look and feel, showcase your community members and activities, or both.

  • Dimensions:  1092 pixels wide x 728 pixels tall (or a minimum of  546 x 364 pixels), 3:2 aspect ratio, landscape orientation

  • 4 photos max

  • File size limit:  3MB

Group Icon

Your group’s icon will display with your group’s name. This is a smaller image that represents your group (you might want to use the graphical part of your organization logo).

  • Dimensions:  must be a square (minimum of 160 x 160 pixels)

  • File size limit:  3MB

Your full organization logo. This will be displayed with your organization description and website, if provided.

  • Dimensions:  must be at least 240 pixels wide and 80 pixels tall

  • File size limit:  300KB

Upload a Banner or Photo images

  1. Select Group Info from the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the Gallery field. 

  3. For the images you are setting up, follow the below steps in either the Banner Image or Photos section.

  4. Select Drag and drop image or click here to upload to open your file selector, or drag an image to this area.

  5. Once uploaded, enter an alt text for the image. Alt text is read by users using screen readers and allows the content and function of the image to be described.

  6. To manage alt text translations, select “Add Another Language” for other languages you support. 

  7. Select the Update button to save your changes.

  8. You can view all of your changes at on your publicly available Join Group page.

Tip: For Photo images, you can also preview these before saving, using the Preview button

Upload your Group icon

  1. Select Settings from the side navigation menu. 

  2. Select the Group Appearance field.

  3. In the Group Icon section, follow the steps above. 

  1. Select Settings from the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the Organization Details field.

  3. In the Organization Logo section, follow the steps above.  

Delete images

  1. Navigate to the section where you are deleting images.

  2. Next to each image, select the Delete button.

  3. Select the Update button to save your changes.

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