Group Resources

Access important resources from your Groups in your Backpack by navigating to Groups in the Main Menu for any profile that’s connected to that Group and then select the Resources tab. If set up, you will find helpful links provided by your group’s Admin. Some examples you may see are (these are specific to each group):

  • Emergency Information
  • Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Information for School Nurses
  • Information for Teachers
  • Resources for Healthcare Professionals
  • Resources for Families (Support Groups, etc)
  • And much more!

If there are particular resources you want to be added, please contact your Group Admin. You can find their contact information by selecting the Group, and then the Info tab.

Group Share Card Content

When you join a Group, you have the option of adding curated information from that particular group to your Share Cards. This list is based on the options provided by the Admin(s) of your group, so if there is anything you’d like to see, please contact your Admin to provide that feedback. You can find contact information for your Group within the Group’s Info tab.

Adding Group content to your Share Card

Once you've joined the Group:

  1. Navigate to your Share Cards (for example, the Health History Share Card or Emergency Share Card)
  2. Select Edit at the bottom of the Card
  3. Scroll down to Information from My Groups

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