To add a note to your Backpack:

  1. Click Health Info from the main menu of the profile you are currently in
  2. Under the person’s Health Info title, click Notes 
  3. Click the pen icon on the bottom right and type in the note you’d like to add. You can come back and edit your notes at any time.
  4. Click on the checkmark on the top right corner
  5. Click Done on the top right corner to save it.

If you would like to create a title for your note, add a line break between the title and the rest of your note. This will create the title in your Backpack along with the first line of text you have added.

The date on a note will be the date you create it, and cannot be changed to any other time in the past or future. Adding the date you would like as the title will help you organize your information.

You can attach your notes to Share Cards as well!

To edit or delete a note, select the one you would like and click into the text field to adjust your note. If you would like to flag or delete your note, select the banner at the bottom. This will allow you to flag the note for priority, or select the trash can icon in the bottom right corner to delete the entry. Flagged notes will appear at the top of the list.

You can also add a note directly into one of your health entries! This note will be visible in the health information entry, as well as on the Notes page. To do so, as you are adding a new health information entry, click the option Write a note and save it. You can add as many notes per health entry as you’d like.

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