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What is the Gear Sensor?
What is the Gear Sensor?
Information and benefits of adding a Gear Sensor to your ebike setup.
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The Gear Sensor momentarily cuts motor power when shifting. It mounts inline with the shifter cable and detects the cable movement. It sends a signal to the controller to cut motor power while shifting gears.

Please visit our Gear Sensor Installation Page to watch the installation video for more information.

Please visit the Bafang Gear Sensor Product Page for a full description and photos of the product.

Why add the Gear Sensor to your ebike setup?Β 

The Gear Sensor makes your ebike rides dreamy and smooth! The Gear Sensor provides a buttery smooth ride when riding and shifting gears by momentarily cutting power to your motor when shifting. It also reduces wear on your drivetrain components and protects gears from wear and tear from the motor.

We highly recommend adding the Gear Sensor to your ebike setup. Once you go Gear Sensor, you never go back πŸ‘ !

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