What are the Ebrake Sensors for?

The Ebrake Sensors allow you to convert your existing brake levers that you already have on your bike into Ebrakes that are able to cut off power to the motor when engaged. 

Will the Ebrake Sensors work with my current brake levers? 

Our ebrake sensors work with any lever-based Hydraulic or V-brakes. That being said, installation and placement of the sensor and magnet is different on each model/type of brake due to difference of shape. On same brake levers the installation can be a little tricky. 

Please visit our Bafang Ebrake Sensor Installation Page to watch the installation video for more information.

How do the Ebrake Sensors work?

The Ebrake Sensors include a pair of reed switches and magnets and are installed directly onto your existing brakes and plug into the Bafang Wiring Harness. 

When the magnet is near the Ebrake Sensor, the brake is inactive allowing the motor to run. When the brake is depressed/engaged, this causes the magnet to be moved away from the Ebrake Sensor, which activates the ebrake and cuts power to the motor.

Please visit the Bafang Ebrake Sensor Product Page for a full description and photos of the product.

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