The range you can expect with your BBS02/BBSHD or Front hub motor depends on which battery you pair the motor with.

If you want to learn more about the difference between our Mid Drive Motors and Hub Motor or the difference between our 750W BBS02 & 1000W BBSHD Mid Drive options then we recommend clicking the button to check out the comparison link that you are looking for below!

❗️The most important factor that determines a battery's range is the amp hour (Ah) capacity. The larger the amp hour rating of a battery, the greater distance you will be able to ride.Β 

Understanding how batteries work can help you choose the best battery! Which is why if you haven't checked out our Battery Basic's 101 we recommend clicking the button below to get your Battery Basics down!

Now for some range estimates:

These are theoretical calculations and real-life mileage will vary based on many factors as described below.Β 

Additionally, the range you can achieve from a battery depends on many other factors:

  • Rider Weight

  • Power Assist Level (higher assist levels will consume battery life faster)

  • The extent of pedaling with motor (the more you pedal with the more will provide a greater increase in range

  • Terrain (rough or hilly terrain requires the consumption of more battery power)

  • Weather factors (wind, extreme temperatures, etc.)

  • Poor Bike Maintenance (Under-inflated tires, a dirty chain, misadjusted brakes, etc., can decrease range

  • Extra Load (carrying extra weight on the bike or in a backpack will consume battery life faster)

  • Throttle use-age (using the throttle frequently will quickly consume battery life)

  • Gearing (proper gear usage and taking full advantage of the available gear will significantly increase range)

We always recommend using the SOC view on the DPC-18 display to best determine the battery capacity. Attached are reference tables for 48V and 52V batteries relating voltage to battery capacity:

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