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Bafang Motors Payload and Towing Capacity
Bafang Motors Payload and Towing Capacity
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Payload Capacity🏋️‍♀️

The most significant and limiting factor with regards to payload capacity for the majority of bikes is the rated load capacity of your bike. Most bikes which our kits are added onto are intended to be ridden by a single rider without a motor. Rated load capacity for a common bike can start as low as 250-300 lbs. You would need to check with your bike manufacturer regarding the payload capacity for your specific bike in order to ensure that you are not adding any weight beyond this capacity as it could result in frame damage or failures and pose a significant safety risk.

Towing Capacity

There is not a specific towing value that we can provide you with when our motors are installed on your bike as this is based on your bike and not the motors. This is entirely dependent on your bike's gearing both front and back gears as well as the slopes and speeds you are looking to ride. Not to mention that the loads would also be dictated by your bike's frame. There are just too many variables to provide a specific hard payload value for your bike, gearing and riding. All of these motor are designed and intended to be installed and used with single rider on standard bikes.

📌 Please note, we are not able to warranty our motors for commercial use such as towing or installation on a bike that carries more than 1 person (e.g. a tandem). That being said, we have had many pedicab operators successfully use and install our BBSHD 1000W motors on their pedicabs. That being said, the extra loads can cause premature wear and tear damage to the components such as worn internal gears.

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