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My zipper is broken
My zipper is broken
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The zipper is not broken! All zips are tested during manufacture and will work. The zippper handles have been removed to comply with Australian & USA regulations.

All products are fitted with YKK Safety Locking Zips. To open the zip, simply use a paper clip, safety pin or corn cob holder.

The zipper features a locking mechanism, and the handle has been removed to comply with Australian & United States Laws. Our entire range of bean bags are shipped with YKK locking, child proof zippers, to comply with Australian Standards as determined by the ACCC.

Zipper opening instructions are displayed on the warning label attached to all our products and in the instruction sheet provided. To open and close the zippers on your bean bags and the inner bag, you need to use a paper clip as detailed here.

Any attempt to slide the zipper without unlocking the mechanism will damage the zipper and void the warranty.

If you have damaged the zipper you can return the product for repair at your cost.

Our postal address is PO Box 417, Sanctuary Cove, QLD 4212

The cost to repair a damaged zipper is Fifty Dollars including GST plus postage.

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