How do Challenges work?

Achieve greater results, and have more fun, when a buddy is involved.

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We support two types of challenges: Buddy and Community.

Community Challenges:

Periodically we will create a community-wide challenge for our entire Member-base to participate in. These events are tailored to support important health/wellness concepts like Mental Health Month (May), or Worldwide Day of Sleep (March) as well as specific goals we have available within the app. Seasonality also comes into play since we know our activity-levels are affected by Mother Nature at times.

The challenges are promoted through email announcements and generally result in a randomly-drawn Grand Prize winner!

Buddy Challenges:

We believe (and have the data to support our beliefs) that having an "accountability buddy" really does make a difference when accomplishing your fitness goals. BetterYou members can invite their friends and family to the app and compete in steps or sleep challenges...who's got game?

How it works:

  • Step-by-step instructions how to challenge a buddy can be found here

  • Learn how earning rewards works by completing challenges here

  • Find out how rewards are issued and calculated here

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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