Goals - Types of goals to set

You have different interests, and we provide a number of different types of goals to help you focus on them!

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The primary function of our app is setting goals based on different aspects of wellness. Today, we have a total of 8 goals ranging from steps and sleep to visiting places and talking to friends and family. These goals are then tracked against the time you spend on your device.

App-usage and/or Location-based Goals:

  1. Contacts/Stay in touch

  2. Meditate

  3. Spiritual Activities

  4. Read more

  5. Learning

  6. Work Out

HealthKit Goals:

  1. Steps

  2. Sleep

  • We use location or app-usage data to track progress towards a goal that has been set.

  • When you use apps, walk, sleep, or go places that are related to your goal you earn weekly credit, which can also result in unlocking Achievement Badges, and may even earn you rewards!

Current available goals:

Learn more about how to set a goal here!

Please reach out to us directly at help@betteryou.ai with any questions

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