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How to invite a Buddy/challenge a Buddy
How to invite a Buddy/challenge a Buddy
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We believe in the power of accountability and mutual-support so inviting a Buddy through a Steps or Sleep challenge is a great way to remain focused on your goal!

It's a straightforward process to send the challenge invitation...

  1. Invite and challenge a *new Buddy through your "Buddy Link"

    1. Here's an article explaining how to invite a Buddy to the app

    2. The recipient will need to download the app to their device and register to create an account before they can accept your challenge.

  2. Choose and challenge an existing Buddy from your list:

3. Challenge invitations:

  • Challenge(s) invitations are found in the Goals section.

  • Tap on Goals in the bottom navigation menu to open and any pending invitations will be found there.

  • Tap the green checkmark to accept it.

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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