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BetterYou can help you stay mindful and aware of your sleep priorities by nudging you to get to bed when you're using your phone too much.

What we can help with:

  • Consistently getting to bed around the same time

  • Using your phone less before bedtime to wind down

  • Encouraging you to put your phone down if you wake up during your sleep window

How we do that:

By telling us when you want to go to bed and how much sleep you want to get, we can help you stay off of your device and get to bed on time.

If you are using your phone when bedtime hits, we send a notification reminding you that sleep was a priority for you! You can make the informed decision to follow through and head to bed, or to give yourself some grace in the moment.

If you wake up during the night, it's best not to engage with your phone to ensure that you can get back to sleep. We'll nudge you to put your phone down if you pick up during your set sleep window.

If you're off your phone by bedtime and stay off of your phone throughout the night, we'll mark that night as a success for you!

If you choose to give yourself leeway, we don't blame you, and we won't penalize you right away. BetterYou lets you use your phone a little bit after your bedtime and still allows you to get successful credit towards your sleep habit. If you're using your phone a ton after bedtime, though, you won't get a check mark for that night.

Permissions & how we track this:

BetterYou looks at sleep disruptions (am I on my phone or using apps after bed? Is my phone/wearable moving around after bedtime?) We measure those disruptions and report back on the progress of winding down for bed and staying engaged (off your devices).

For Android, our ability to intake phone usage comes out of the box, so nothing needed to set this up!

For iOS, our ability to intake phone usage comes from the Location Permission setting. This is how Apple has packaged that up, which is why we require it for the Sleep goal.

Learn more about how to set a goal here!

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