What apps are logged by BetterYou?
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Using Apps to Track BetterYou Goals Progress

BetterYou allows users to sync with numerous apps on their device to better track your Goal Progress. Whether you are new to meditation or are already using an app to help with studying, we have a helpful listing of some of the top apps for each Goal category.

Does My Favorite App Count in BetterYou?

Check out our app lookup tool to see which of your favorite apps can be linked to BetterYou. You can also find lots of other apps to explore that you may find helpful for achieving your goals.

Learn More About App-Related Goals

If you would like to learn more about how app-related goals work, you can find more details here. Our helpful guide outlines how to keep track of your goal progress and how outside apps can be incorporated to help you reach your goals faster and easier.

Top Learning Apps

Top Reading Apps

Top Spiritual Apps

Top Meditation Apps

Top Stay in Touch Apps

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