App-usage based Goals

There are a few types of goals you can set in the BetterYou app. Learn about our app-usage based goals here.

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BetterYou can help you keep track of habits you want to develop or maintain that involve using a specific app each week.

These goals use the data collected by the user’s device OS (Android or iOS) when an app is used in support of a relevant goal. Scroll to see some recommended apps for each goal, or check out the App Lookup Tool to see if we already give goal-progress credit for a particular app you use.

  1. Stay in touch (aka "Talk Time")

    Popular apps: WhatsApp, native phone app, Facebook (Meta) Messenger, native sms/messaging apps…

  2. Meditate

    Popular apps: Headspace, Calm, Balance, Insight Timer…

  3. Spiritual Activities

    Popular apps: King James Bible, Spiritual Wisdom, Prayermate, MuslimPro…

  4. Read more

    Popular apps: Audible, PDF Reader, Goodreads, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Flipboard, news apps (BBC, etc.)…

  5. Learning/Education

    Popular Apps: Duolingo, Skillsoft, LearnSmart, podcast apps…

We update the list of apps we support weekly, so if you don't get credit for your favorite one, we will likely add it shortly. If you don't see it after a couple of weeks, or you want to recommend one right away, shoot us a note at for us to review your recommendation.

If you are an iOS user you must take screenshots of your Screen Time in order to receive credit for using goal-related apps. Click here to learn more about logging Screen Time for iOS.

Learn more about how to set a goal here!

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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