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How do I hide or delete my bank account?
How do I hide or delete my bank account?

Steps how to delete or hide manual account or bank account.

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Bilance Hide and Delete features make it easy to clean up your Accounts tab, allowing you to only see the most important accounts or get rid of old ones.


Using the Hide account feature will hide account transactions from the transactions list and from analytics. Hiding an account will not remove it from your Total Balance calculations.

  • To use Hide feature go to the Account page.

    Bilance account view

  • Tap on the account you would like to Hide.

  • Tap on the toggle button "Hide transactions"

    how to hide transactions

You can unhide accounts at any time by tapping the toggle button again on the Accounts detail page of the Accounts view.


Deleting an account is a permanent action and can't be undone. Transactions linked to this account will also be deleted. You can always add deleted accounts again with a bank sync.

  • To delete an account go to the Account page.

  • Tap on the account you would like to Delete.

  • Tap on the garbage bin icon in the top right-hand corner. If you are sure then press Delete.

    Delete account


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