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How do I connect my bank account?
How do I connect my bank account?

How to connect to a bank and automatically sync your accounts.

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You can connect your bank and other finance platforms with Bilance. Accounts that you connect with Bilance will be automatically synced and your finances are always up to date. Learn more about syncing. Read more about how to hide or remove your accounts.

  • In the Account view tap "Add wallet". For a bank connection choose "Bank sync", for adding a manual wallet press on "Manual input".

  • Choose the country where your bank account is. We keep adding new countries. If your country is missing then please connect us at and let us know.

  • Select a bank you want to connect to. If your bank or financial platform that you want to connect is missing then please connect us at

  • You can read more information about security and your data privacy after choosing your bank.

  • After pressing "continue" you will be directed to the Nordigen connection page as Nordigen is the Account Information Service Provider to connect with your finance platforms. Read more about Nordigen from our Terms and Conditions.

  • You will be directed to your bank sign-in portal and you need to choose the authentication method.

  • Choose the accounts that you want to add.

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