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Recurring Payments: An Overview
Recurring Payments: An Overview

Steps to create recurring transaction schedules

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Bilance Recurring feature allows you to automatically capture your expected spending, such as Rent, Bills, and Subscriptions. You can create recurring schedules for weekly, monthly or yearly spending.

Create a Monthly Recurring from the Recurring View

  • Go to the Planning view and tap the "Add recurring".

  • You will be presented with a list of your latest transactions. Search for the recurring transaction by name.

  • Tap on the transaction that you would like to add and choose the frequency.

  • We will find all similar transactions that contain the same name. You can remove a transaction if it's not part of your recurring schedule.

  • You can edit the name of the Schedule and emojis.

  • Press Save.

  • After you save the New Recurring, your next expected payment will be noted and the transaction(s) will be marked with an [R] to indicate Recurring.

  • The Recurring view displays your recurrings for This Month or In the Future (for example yearly recurrings).


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