Live and On-Demand Training

Become a Birdie expert with our live training sessions and bitesize courses

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The Birdie Launch Pack

Everything you need to set up Birdie and support your care professionals to use the app

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The Agency Hub

Articles on how to get the most out of the Agency hub

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Care Recipient Management

All the information you need to get your Care Recipients profile up and running on Birdie

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The Birdie App & Care Professional Management

Articles that will help your Care Professionals become confident with the app

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Medication Manager

How to create, edit and end medication schedules as well guidance on what to do if you are unable to find medication

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Task Planner

How to add tasks to your Care Recipients profile and a list of all the tasks we have on Birdie!

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Visit Planning

Better understand how to use our visit planning feature

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For Rostering and Visit Scheduling

Articles introducing you to our built as one product and how to create visits and use our rostering feature

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For Finance Teams

Articles for finance teams, including invoicing and payroll, within Birdie

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Alerts and Inbox

Information on how the alert manager works and how to configure your settings to suit you

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Secure Check-in

How to enable QR codes for your Care Recipients & how to get the most out of Geolocation

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Reporting with Birdie Analytics

Deep dive with these articles and learn how to get the most out of your auditing and Birdie Analytics

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Integrations and External Rostering Systems

Articles to help you understand and solve any integration issues you may be experiencing

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Care Circle and Third-party Access

Information on the care circle and how to add health care professionals via the third party link

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Product Support

Information on how to seek help with the product

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Important articles to get started with Birdie!