Once the recipient's profile has been created, you will have the option to invite their loved ones to view their care notes on the Birdie app

  • Click on the Clients tab and select a care recipient

  • Click Create new care circle member

  • Add the name and contact number of the family member or friend you wish to invite

  • Click 'Send invite' to send a text inviting the loved one to use Birdie

Please note, if you have added the family member to the key contacts (NOK) section you do not have to add their details again to the care circle, you will however have to click 'send invite' if you would like to invite them to use the app.

After collecting regular care logs, it is useful to add your loved one's family and friends to their Care Circle. After each visit, loved ones will be able to view and read all the daily care notes that are submitted for the care recipient.

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Updated and Reviewed AC 22/12/21

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