It is quick and easy to add a care recipient to your Agency hub. Please note this is for non-integrated agencies, if you use a rostering integration you will need to add them to that system first.

How to add a care recipient

Click on the Clients Tab in the top menu and select Create new client.

You can now fill in your care recipients' details, there are certain details that need to be completed in order for the profile to save. These mandatory fields will be indicated with a red asterisk, these areas include:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Key contact phone number (where key contact has been added)

Once you have added the mandatory information make sure to click Submit, this will save your progress. To add further details and make the profile more person-centred you can click through the rest of the tabs which include:

  • Personal Identity

  • Clinical details

  • Key contacts

  • Future planning

  • Agency admin

For more tips and information on how and what to fill in these sections please see this article here - How to add details to your client's profile

Prefer to watch a video? See below!

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