How to download the Birdie app

All you need is your mobile phone number!

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Your Agency has started using Birdie, which means you can start using your smartphone to record your visits. Making life easier!

You may be sent an SMS containing the link to download the app from your care manager, if not you can download the app yourself using the instructions below.

Please note: If your manager has not created a profile for you yet you will receive a Number not registered message, make sure your care manager has made you a profile first!

Downloading the app yourself

  1. Download the app by clicking here for Android or here for iPhone (Or go to the App Store and type birdie Care)

  2. On the home screen, enter your phone number 

  3. Click Send me a Link

  4. Go to your Text Messages and click on the Magic Link

  5. If your magic link does not work, click 'My link didn't work'. You will then be sent a 6-digit code in a text message, which can be used instead of a magic link.

  6. That's it, you are in the app!

Please note: If you get a message saying Number not registered you will need to ask your care manager to double-check you have been set up properly on the system.

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