If a client or a carer is no longer using your agency you can change their status to inactive, please note we cannot delete profiles. Alternatively, if you need to make a carer or client active after a period of absence you can easily do this as well.

For Caregivers

  1. Click on 'Team' and select the carer you want to change the status of

 2. Click on 'Edit details'

3. Change the status to ''Active'' or "Inactive" and click Submit

If you change the carer's status to inactive they will no longer have access to your clients in the Birdie app. Their profile will also now appear under the inactive button under the Teams tab.

For Clients

Please note if you use a rostering provider (CarePlanner) You will need to change the status of the client to inactive on that system or they will not stay as inactive on Birdie.

  1. To make a client inactive, click on 'Clients' and select the client you want

2. On the About me page click on 'Edit'

3. If you want to make them inactive you must put a reason, then click Submit. Once this has been done the inactive client will no longer be accessible to your carers in the Birdie app.

4. To make them Active again, find the client under the Inactive button on the Clients tab. You have the option to filter temporarily inactive and permanently to make it easier to find the client.

Once you have found the client you want to make active, navigate to their About me page click on 'Edit' and change their status to Active. Click Submit when you are done.

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