You can add a wide range of tasks to your care recipient's profile. If you would like to see the full list of tasks we offer at birdie please see this article here.

How to add a task

Click on the Client tab and select the care recipient you would like to add a task for. Click on Task Planner on the left-hand tabs. Here you will be able to see all the active tasks they have on their profile.

Type the task you would like to add in the search bar, you can apply filters such as Emotional support or Personal care in order to filter through the tasks quicker.

Once you have found the task you need, click on it in the list to add more information.

In order to make this task as person-centred as possible you will want to add notes for your care professionals, this can be instructions to help them carry the task out or remind them to make an observation.

Select the days of the week you want this task to be actioned on and select the time you would like the task to be completed, you can select an anytime task which means there is no time frame for completion.

How to edit a task

If you need to edit the timing or frequency of a task start by going to the Task Planner tab for your care recipient, finding the task and clicking Edit.

Once you have made your edits click Save changes.

How to remove a task

If you find a task is no longer relevant and needs to be removed from the visit schedule you can do this by going to the Task Planner tab, finding the task and clicking Edit.

You will need to select the end date for a time in the future, this could be the next day or a later time period on the same day. Once you have clicked Save you will see that the task will be removed from the care recipients' visit tab and will not show on the task planner after the end date.

Prefer to watch a video? See below!

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