How to add a task

  1. Select the Clients Tab and choose your client

  2. Click Task Planner

  3. Type the task you would like to add in the search bar

To operate the search bar you need to slowly type in the task you would like. This will bring up lots of results that you can choose from.

Once you have added the task this window will pop up.

Here you need to:

  1. Add person-centered notes.

  2. Select the days of the week you want this task to be actioned on.

  3. Select the time you would like the task to be actioned.

*We advise adding notes to each task you create. This ensures you are providing personalised care and working to achieve a high Birdie Q Score.

*Use the filters on the right-hand side to make sure you have a task set for each day and each category.

Useful tips:

Delete a task

To delete a task click the X next to the task. Then choose whether you want it removed for the week or just that day.

Edit a task

Click the task and this window will pop-up again. You can then make your edits and update.

Re-order the tasks

*If you would like the carer to their tasks in order. Click and drag the tasks.

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