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How to create or edit tasks for your Care Recipient
How to create or edit tasks for your Care Recipient

How to search and add tasks to your Care Recipient's care plans

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages. The custom frequency option is not available for those on the Starter, Care Management and Rostering and CM-only packages. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

You can add a wide range of tasks to your Care Recipient's profile. There is no minimum or maximum amount of tasks you can have for a Care Recipient, this ensures that all of their needs can be captured, we do advise making sure that all of the tasks you add are relevant to the Care Recipient so that the care is as person-centred as possible. 

If you would like to see the full list of tasks we offer at Birdie please see this article here.

How to add a task

Click on the Client tab and select the Care Recipient you would like to add a task for.

Click on Task Planner on the left-hand tabs. Here you will be able to see all the active tasks they have on their profile.

Searching and adding a task

Click the Add Task button and type the task you would like to add. You can apply filters such as Emotional support or Personal care to filter through the tasks quickly.

Adding notes

Once you have found the task you need, click on it to add more information.

Top tip: To make this task as person-centred as possible you will want to add notes for your Care Professionals, this can be instructions to help them carry the task out or remind them to make an observation.

Choose the frequency of the task

Select the frequency of the task (i.e. if the task is daily or on specific days of the week).

You have the option to add a task: 

  • Daily (The task will occur every day at the same time)

  • Weekly (The task will occur on the days you have selected each week)

  • Custom (The task will occur on a custom schedule e.g every 2 days)

Please note: Custom frequency is not available for Starter packages, Care Management and Rostering and CM-only packages.

Choose the timeframe of the task

Choose what time frame the task will occur, you cannot pick a specific time however you can choose multiple time slots. If the same task is carried out multiple times a day, you will need to allocate each instance of the task to a timeframe (e.g. Morning, Lunch).

Please note: If the same task is carried out multiple times during the same time frame (e.g. Lunch) you will need to add two schedules for the task to the Lunchtime frame & ensure there are 2 Visit Plans created on the Visit Planning page. You can then associate each of the same task to the different Lunch Time visits.

You also have the option to select an Anytime task which means there is no time frame for completion. Anytime tasks will appear at the top of the visit planning page.

Start and end date of the task

Enter the start date of the task and an end date if the task is temporary or one-off. If it is part of the ongoing support plan, you can leave the end date to Never.

Save changes

Click on Save changes when you are done. This task will now be added to the existing task schedule.

Please note: It is not possible to duplicate or share tasks from one Care Recipient to another, this is to mitigate accidentally assigning tasks that may not be relevant to a Care Recipient.

How to edit a task

If you need to edit the timing or frequency of a task start by going to the Task Planner tab for your Care Recipient, finding the task and clicking Edit.

Once you have made your edits click Save changes.

It is also possible to amend the start date and other details for a task schedule that has been created for a future date.

Please note: If you need to update the notes of the task with new instructions or change the frequency of the task schedule we suggest that you end the task schedule and start a new one.

This is so that you can retain the original task instructions that are captured against visits that have happened in the past for auditing purposes. You will also not be able to edit the name of the task, you should end the schedule and start a new one.

How to stop future or ongoing tasks

You can also end a future or ongoing task schedule by changing the end date to today's date. If you do not want Care Professionals to see it today either, go to the visits page and remove the task from the visit card.

Click into the visit card and click the bin icon next to the task and then click Save changes at the top of the screen. This will ensure the task will not show on the Birdie app for that visit.

How to remove a task

If you find a task is no longer relevant and needs to be removed from the visit schedule you can do this by going to the Care Recipients Task Planner tab, finding the task and clicking Edit.

You will need to select the end date for a time in the future, this could be the next day or a later time period on the same day.

Once you have clicked Save you will see that the task will be removed from the care recipients' visit tab and will not show on the task planner after the end date.

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