If your agency is using our Medication Manager they will use a digital MAR Chart (e-Mar).

This is a much easier way for you to report which medications you have administered and will also allow you to get the latest information on which medication you should administer, how to administer it and when.

By using the e-MAR you can make sure that your care manager is alerted of any medication issues in real-time as well as protecting yourself and your client’s wellbeing.

Below we will show you how to use the Birdie app to administer medication when you are visiting your clients, as well as how to report this directly in the app.

To learn how to do this, watch this training video or read the text below.

How to administer medication in the app

First, open the app and choose the client you are visiting. Tap on 'Start report', just as you would normally do to report a visit.

If you are starting a visit, you should first and foremost check-in, then review the tasks to be completed today. Here, we want to focus on how to record administered medication. 

Review the medication list of your client

Tap on 'Administer medication'. In the scheduled tab, you will see the list of medications that your client is required to take. By tapping on each medication you get more information on what the dosage is and how it should be administered (Orally, via an inhaler or nasal spray). 

Record the administration of a dose

When ready to record which medication you have administered, tap on 'Record dose' at the bottom of the screen. You will need to specify if the medication was fully taken, partially taken or not taken. 

If the medication was fully taken, that's it, you have recorded that the medication was taken and will be brought back to the medication list so you can administer the next medication.

If the medication was partially taken or not taken, you will be asked to add a reason why and add more details in a note. An alert will automatically be raised to your care manager or the person in charge so they can deal with this issue straight away.

If the medication was not observed, you will be asked to add a reason why and add more details in a note. It will show on the eMar and Care Log for your Care Manager to see but this time, no alert will be raised.

Note : Birdie automatically records that it was you who administered the dose. The Electronic MAR Chart (E-Mar) will be updated and will be visible by your care manager in the office in real-time.

Now, you should be back on the medication list screen. Once you’ve recorded all the required medication on the list, make sure to check the “PRN” tab at top of the screen. Record any additional medication that was given during your visit.

In the event that your client is prescribed blister packs, this will be visible under one entry in the medication list. You will need to record this only once.

When you have administered and recorded all medication in the list, go back to the visit screen by tapping on the 'back' arrow and continue to report the other section of the visit as you would usually do (observations, and checkout,..). When done, tap on 'Submit report'.

Well done, you can now record medication in the Birdie app. 

Pro tip: With the time you save recording in the app, you can spend more time with your client and serve yourself and them a nice cup of tea before your next visit.

What’s next? 

Updated and reviewed AC 29/12/21

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