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Intro to the Medication Manager
How to indicate your client self administers their medication
How to indicate your client self administers their medication

Mark your client as self-administering their medication so that your care staff don't have to record it in the app.

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If your client has the capabilities to administer their own medication or have family that support them to do this you can still add any prescribed medication onto their medication manager without confusing your care givers. 

How does it work?

Choose your client and go to their Medication Manager section. Then, click on Personal details

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find Medicines support. Here, you can select if you’re giving your client medicine support or if they are self-administering their medication.

Option 1 : When you select We provide Robbie's medicine support: your care staff will have to record each time they help your client with their medication

Option 2 : When you select Robbie self-administers their medication: your care staff is not required to record when your client is taking their medication during their visit.

To finish, make sure you click on Save Changes.

Ta-da! Now carers will no longer have to indicate if they have given medication to self administrating care recipients.

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