What is Secure Call Monitoring?

Birdie offers Secure Call Monitoring to ensure care managers know that care is being delivered at the right place, at the right time. We offer three call monitoring options, Geo Check-In, One-Time Password Check-In (OTP) and QR codes.

How does it work?

Geo Check-In

Geo check-in works by using the GPS location of carers to determine if they are in an expected location. A carer's location is only tracked upon them checking in and out of their client visit.

When a carer check's into their visit, the app will compare the phone's GPS location to the location of the care recipient's home 

  • If they are within 200m of the care recipient's address, the check in or out will be successful.  

  • If they are outside this 200m radius, the app will deem this a forced check-in or out indicating the carer's location doesn't match the address for the care recipient, if this happens an alert will be generated.

  • If a carer refuses to allow access to the Secure check-in feature then they will have to force check-in and check out of every visit and each time, an alert will be generated and be shown in the agency hub.

A forced check-in alert will appear in your 'Alerts' page so you can act upon it. On the map, the purple house represents the care recipient while the blue dot represents the caregiver.

Turning off geo check-in for specific care recipients

You can now have even more control by turning off geo check-in for specific care recipients, this is ideal for care recipients who can be cared for in various different locations in the community or live in rural areas or areas with low/no signal and will see the end of numerous forced check-in/out alerts.

  1. Navigate to your care recipient's profile

  2. Click the 'Settings' tab on the left-hand side menu

Here you can choose to turn the geo-location feature on or off

Flexible geo-location radius settings

For clients who live in rural areas or areas with low/no signal, it might be necessary to extend the radius to improve the accuracy of the geo check-in feature.

Go to 'Clients' select your client and click on 'Basic information'

Use the secure check-in zone slider to change the radius, the purple circle around the clients home shows this:

You’re able to extend the radius of the check-in of a care recipient's home, up to 500 meters. If you’re continually resolving an alert for a forced check-in at a care recipient’s home, you can extend their radius via the Hub.

OTP Check-In

Our OTP Check-In option works by carers generating an OTP code and using this code to log into their visit on the Birdie app.

QR code (Beta)

QR codes are our third secure call monitoring option and arguably the easiest method to check in with as caregivers don't need to share their location settings or even use mobile signal allowing caregivers to securely check-in even in rural areas.

Each care recipient will have a unique QR code that can be generated from their profile page in the agency hub, once this has been done all you need to do is print the code and leave it in their home for the caregiver to scan on arrival.

How to generate a QR code

  • Click into your client's profile

  • Go to their settings panel

  • And simply tap the QR code check-in toggle

Please note: Once you turn the QR code on to generate a code, you'll need to turn it off until the code has been placed in the care recipient's home.

How does Secure Check-In work with my rostering integration?


If you are using CarePlanner with Birdie, we will send back check in and check out times that will be visible on your CarePlanner interface. When viewing your CarePlanner interface, it will show you if the check-in/check-out was verified. 

Successful Geo Checkin/outs will appear with ‘app’ as their source whilst forced Geo Checkin/outs will appear as ‘none’.

Successful OTP Checkin/outs will appear with ‘OTP’ as their source when using CarePlanner.


If you are using Birdie alongside your Staffplan rostering system, you will receive all check in and check out times visible on your interface, however you won't be able to distinguish between verified and unverified check in/out's.


When using Birdie with Coldharbour, you'll be able to see what check in and check outs have been verified using Secure check-in.

What to do before you start using Secure check-in

As the secure check-in feature tracks the location of carers, before you start using it you might consider telling your employees that you will be tracking their location before using the Secure check-in feature.

Secure call monitoring is available to all agencies but is totally optional, if you want to use this feature please contact your account manager or the customer care team.

Please note that caregivers with their own personal phones may be able to hack their phones meaning our secure call monitoring options may not work for these users and we can't guarantee these options will work. 

What’s next? 

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