Monitoring the Mar Chart (or E-Mar) of your client

To access your client's medication management, select 'Medication manager' and then select 'Medication monitoring'.

Here you'll find an overview of your client's MAR sheet for the month, and when your caregivers records that a dose has been taken it will be visible here with their name and a time stamp. 

To see the details click on the icon and a pop-up will appear:

Simply click the 'Update' button to change the medication outcome and provide a reason for the change. This change will now be visible on the client MAR chart and will be earmarked on the MAR chart to indicate that this outcome has been updated. 

Below is a key of the different symbols featured in the Medication Manager, these different icons will help you to view your client's medication history at a glance.

If you want to know more about the status of any medication just hover over the icon. Here, you can easily audit and amend any medication observations. The MAR chart will then update with the appropriate icon. All changes are saved in the log at the bottom of the pop-up and you can easily click on the alert to resolve it.

? = no record of medication

green dot = fully taken

n/o = medication not observed

n/t = not taken

p/t = partially taken

---- = not needed

n/v = no visit

Note: The visit report itself will not be updated but it will link to the alert on which this is reported.

If any medication doses are reported as partially or not taken, you will receive an alert in your Alert Manager. You can view and resolve any alert under 'Alerts'.

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