In light of the current Covid-19 climate, we at Birdie are even more driven and dedicated to our mission to improve the lives of older adults and to make sure our product is helping those that are the most vulnerable. To do this we are launching our in-app message banner to allow you as care managers to easily contact all of your caregivers and make relevant health and support information clearly visible through the Birdie app to both older adults and caregivers as informed and safe as possible.

Below we'll show you to create an in-app message

Once you've logged into your agency hub, click your name in the top right-hand corner and click 'Carer App message'.

  1. Choose the title for your message, remembering to keep it 25 characters or less.

  2. Add more details and expand your message for your caregivers in this section. We suggest something along the lines of "Remind staff to wash their hands before a visit, and remember to change their PPE."

  3. Choose an area to direct your caregivers after they've read your message, including a website or a phone number. 

  4. Here you can select the severity level of your message and this will be reflected on the carer app.

  5. Use this button to toggle this message on or off. This message can be updated at any point - as we know the situation and best practices may keep changing.

Click 'Save message' and voila your message will be seen on the caregiver app.

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