📡 Turning wifi on

Caregivers should have the phone wifi switched on regardless of having signal or being connected to any networks as this will actually improve their phone location accuracy. By having their wifi switched on, mobile devices can calculate if an individual is close to a particular location thus improving the phone’s location accuracy. The good news is as caregivers won’t actually be connected to any networks, turning their wifi on will have a minimal effect on their battery life.

📶 High Accuracy Mode

If using an Android device, caregivers can turn on the High - Accuracy Mode which allows their phone to use available networks with the highest accuracy.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on their Android device

  2. Click ‘Location’

  3. Tap ‘Advanced’

  4. Find Google Location Accuracy and turn ‘Improve Location Accuracy’ ON

🔄 Manually refresh app location

The app doesn’t automatically refresh to get an updated location, so when checking in it’s important that users manually refresh their app to ensure their phone collects an updated location.

  1. Open the app and tap ‘Check-in’

  2. Tap the green refresh icon in the right-hand corner

  3. Then select the check-in button

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