Recommended mobile operating systems

In order to have the best experience using the Birdie app, we recommend that the following operating systems are used.

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As our app continues to grow and develop sometimes those using older mobile operating systems may experience minor issues like app lagging, to minimise this happening we have compiled a list of mobile operating systems that will give you the best performance whilst using the app.

How to upgrade your Mobile Operating System on your device:

  • Head to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone, click on ‘General’, and select ‘Software Update’.

  • We recommend you select ‘automatic’, so future software updates happen straight away

  • Android operating system 11 and above

  • iOS operating system 17 and above

Minimum mobile operating systems:

  • Android operating system 9 and above

  • iOS operating system 15 and above

How can I find out what operating system my mobile has?

📲 If you have an Android:

  • Open your phone’s menu. Tap System Settings

  • Scroll down to the bottom

  • Select About Phone from the menu

  • Select Software Info from the menu

  • The operating system version of your device is shown under Android Version

📲 If you have an Apple:

  • Open your Settings app and click General

  • Click About

  • The operating system version of your device is shown under Version

Recommended iPhone device

  • iOS: iPhone SE (2022) or newer

Recommended Android devices

  • Any phone released in the last 2 years with the following specifications:

    • CPU core speed of at least 2.0 GHz preferably at or above 2.2 GHz

    • For example, an Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (£169)

  • Additionally, we recommend to avoid those devices as they have a high crash rate:

    • TCL-306

    • Honor X8

    • ITEL S18

    • vivo Y15s

    • vivo Y73

Please note: Certain Chinese phone manufacturers, such as Huawei, may not be compatible with Google services, including Google Maps, which are essential for Birdie to run on Android phones (we use Google Maps for geo-check ins).

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