Traditional paper body maps are used to record injuries and display where medication has been administered but the cost of using paper body maps can quickly add up and can also be very time-consuming for you as a care manager. This can and will all change with our new body-mapping feature, which will allow you to ensure the information on clients' medication schedule is accurate, reducing any risk of error and giving caregivers more confidence when out in the field delivering care.

How do I add body maps to a care recipient’s medication schedule?

Top tip: you can add body maps to existing and new active medication schedules

  • Create a new medication schedule and select ‘Create body map’

Please note: You can only create body map’s for scheduled and PRN medications

  • Click the general area of the body that you want to add a body map to

  • Specify where the medication should be added on the body

  • Include any additional instructions and click ‘Save’ to see your new body map

Editing and deleting a body map

  • Find the medication schedule that is associated with the body map and tap the ‘Edit’ button

  • Scroll down to additional instructions and select either edit or delete

Please note: that any body maps you choose to delete will be deleted permanently.

How can caregivers access the body maps on their app?

  • Caregivers can access any body maps you add during their visit, they’ll have to check in as normal and tap the ‘Medication’ tab

  • Here they can view all the medications they need to sign off

  • If the medication has a body map attached to it, caregivers will have to view the body map before recording the dosage.

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