Birdie is compatible with a number of different rostering systems which work together to make providing care easier!

An integration means that two (or more) separate platforms can work together, supporting each others functions. So, when using a rostering system with Birdie this means that both systems can share data. The data (information about your clients, visits etc) can be ‘pushed’ from one platform into the other, or ‘pulled’ by one platform into another.

How does it work?

When you create your visit schedule in your rostering system, it’ll be available in Birdie, with all of your client’s information. Using just one app when on a care call means less friction for staff and a quicker and easier way to log their visits and care observations.

Your care staff can check their rotas and visits before they start their day through Birdie, check any important client information or requirements before they make their call and during a visit they can simply check-in, check off their tasks, administer any medications, note down any observations or flag any concerns and check out - all through one system, Birdie.

What rostering systems do we integrate with?

  • Careplanner

  • Malinko

  • Staffplan

  • CareFree

  • Cold Harbour

What information is shared between the two systems?

  • The name of the client

  • The client's date of birth

  • The client's address

  • The client's gender

  • The status of the client/caregiver

  • The name of the caregiver

  • The number and email of the caregiver

  • Scheduled visit dates and times

  • Which caregivers are assigned to

  • The actual visit date and time including check-in and check-out times

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