How to create a custom medication schedule

The nature of certain medications means that they do not follow a regular daily schedule. Here's how you can safely create and allocate them

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Please note: The following feature is available as part of Birdie’s Core, Advanced, Plus, Care Management and Advanced Care Management packages (Also known as Care Management & Rostering, Care Management, Rostering & Finance, Premium, Entry and Essentials) Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

You may need to add a medication schedule that does not occur daily, you can add a medication to repeat when needed without any additional set-up. This ensures that the medication will only be visible on the visit schedule on the days it has been scheduled to be recorded, ensuring that you do not accidentally add it to the wrong visit card.

If you need additional guidance on how to create a daily medication schedule please see this article -How to add a medication schedule for your care recipient

How to create a custom medication schedule

Start by going to the Care recipient's Medication tab and search for the medication.

You will then continue adding the information about this medication such as the dose, route of administration etc. until you reach the How often is this medication taken section.

Now select the Custom option, from here you can choose how many days or weeks the medication will repeat. If you select weeks you can pick the days of the week you need to add medication for such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Continue filling out the rest of the information as normal, adding additional notes if need be. Once you are done click confirm instructions and create schedule.

How to assign the medication to a visit card

Once you confirm the medication schedule you will have the opportunity to add it to a visit card straight away, this ensures you do not forget to add it to a visit especially if it repeats weekly.

The medication will only be visible on the visit schedule on the days the medication has been scheduled to be recorded, meaning if you schedule it once a week starting on a Monday, it will only show on the visit plan page on a Monday.

Find the first day of the medication and the visit card it needs to be allocated to. Drag and drop the task into the visit card and select This and following visits in the schedule, click on Save.

IMPORTANT: Please note that it isn’t possible to edit a custom medication schedule today as a safeguarding precaution. You will see this:

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