This process is now fully digital. Your clients and third parties are now able to sign care management documentation electronically. This means all documents can live within Birdie, on a client's profile.

Before you can start collecting signatures electronically, you will need to make sure all your agency documents are uploaded to Birdie. To understand more about which documents to upload and how to do it, check out this article.

Once your documents are uploaded, watch this video to see how to then collect a signature:


  • Head to a client's profile

  • Click on 'Care Plan'

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Click 'Signature Documents'

  • Select the document(s) you want signing (you can sign more than one at the same time)

  • Click 'Sign now'

  • This is the page to share with a client

  • They can select any of the documents to view as a pop-out

  • The client/authorised person is able to add notes*

  • The client/authorised person to sign should add their name, role & agree to the terms

  • A cursive signature and date-line will appear

  • Click save

  • The page redirects to the clients signature log

*notes like, for example, "share details with GP but not hospital"


How do you view the documents?

There are two ways to view a document.


  • From the menu in the top-right menu of the Agency Hub by selecting 'Upload documents'

  • Documents will appear

  • You can download any document from here


  • Once you've clicked 'sign now' in the process outlined above, you can select the document

  • It will pop out and can be viewed

How do you delete documents?

Right now, you can't. If your agency needs a document deleted, you will need to reach out to and raise a ticket. We are working on this improvement, right now!

Can I print or download the forms and signatures?

Yes, you can download the main documents as described above. You can then download the signature log in the client's profile.

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