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What to do if you see a 'No visit plans today' message on the Birdie app.
What to do if you see a 'No visit plans today' message on the Birdie app.

If your agency's office team have not created visit plans for your Care recipient, you will see this message. Here is what to do.

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Please note: This feature is available to all Birdie packages, if you do not have access to this, please reach out to your Customer success manager who can enable this for you.

You may see a 'No visit plans today' message on your app, this happens when a visit plan has not been completed on the agency hub for the Care recipient you will be visiting. Don't worry! You can still view and complete tasks and medications quickly and easily and complete the visit.

What to do

If you see the message below, on your app click on Continue without visit plan and check in as normal.

Now, click on Care Plan and select the heading of your visit (morning, lunch, etc.), choose the right tasks from the list and tick if they were done.

Click on Finish tasks to complete and then move on to Medications under the care plan to view all the medications for the day. Pick the medications you are responsible for on the call and record the outcome. Make sure the medication you are completing is correct, and not for a different visit time. You can also view PRN medications if need be.

You can write that there was no visit plan in the General notes section of the care log. Once you have completed the care log, check out when ready.

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