How to View & Manage a Care Recipients Care Team

Manage a Care Professional's access to a care recipient's care plan and daily care notes, as well as allow them to be matched in the rota.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

You can limit your care professional's access to only the care recipients that they are visiting. You can do this directly from your agency hub.

What if my agency uses rostering software?

If you use a rostering software provider such as Careplanner, Staffplan, Carefree etc, you will not need to allocate a Care Professional to the Care Recipient on the Birdie agency hub.

This is because this information is pulled directly from the allocation that has been assigned on your rostering.

How to view a Care Recipient's care team

Click into the Clients tab, and search for your Care Recipient using their name. On the left-hand tab select Care team. Within this tab, you can see all of the Care Professionals linked to the Care Recipient and their specific role.

There are two roles a Care Professional can be set as:

  1. Viewer role- This links the Care Professional to the Care Recipient, meaning that they will be suggested for visits, they will have access to their care plan and care logs.

  2. Declined role - This means that the Care Professional will not be matched or suggested for the Care Recipient during visit allocation. You may also want to revoke viewer access which will stop them from viewing any information about this Care Recipient.

If you would like to see the role of a specific Care Professional in relation to this Care Recipient, you can use the search bar to type in their name, or you can view all declined viewers, or viewers using the buttons highlighted below.

How to link a Care Professional to a Care Recipient

If you want to grant viewer access to a Care Professional start by selecting the Care Recipient and click on the Care Team tab on the left-hand side.

To change the status of one Care professional click on their name within the care team tab. Click the three dots on the right-hand side. A drop-down menu will appear where you can select the view and exclude status. Click Apply changes when you are done.

You are able to do this process in the same way, through the Care Professionals profile. Click into the Team tab and find your specific Care Professional. Using the Clients list on the left-hand side, you can select the necessary care recipients.

How to bulk select Care Professionals

You can bulk-select Care Professionals by clicking the box to the left of carer and clicking the Edit roles button on the right-hand side.

Click the appropriate view and exclude status, and Apply changes. This role will be applied to everyone you have selected.

What do the different Care Professional's roles mean?

There are different role options that can be selected, so what do these mean?

The Viewer role links the Care Professional to the care recipient, meaning that they have will access to their care plan and care logs.

The Declined role blocks the Care Professional's access to the care recipient. Declined Care professionals will be excluded and not considered for visits.

You can also choose to revoke the Viewer access so that the Care Professional doesn’t have visibility of the Care Recipient's data anymore. However, if they are scheduled for a visit together again then the Care Professional will become a Viewer again.

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