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How to auto-assign unallocated visits to a weekly rota
How to auto-assign unallocated visits to a weekly rota

Take the stress out of assigning Care Professionals to visits with birdie's auto-assign feature

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Please note: This feature is available as part of Birdie’s Entry, Advanced, Essential, Plus, and Premium packages. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

Our auto-assign tool will find the most optimal match for all the visits in the unallocated section of your roster.

Assigning the whole rota manually is a tricky feat for the human eye, however, the auto-allocation tool can consider all unassigned visits for you in a matter of seconds!

How to auto-assign unallocated visits

Start by going to the Roster tab, the unallocated visits will always be shown at the top of the screen.

Allocation can be done in one click, using the smart allocation model. Click the Plan weekly rota button and select Auto-assign unallocated visits. All the visits that are not assigned will then be allocated to Care Professionals based on the best possible assignment.

The auto-assigning will set the regular Care Professionals first, which means that you can also use auto-assign without clicking the Apply template first.

What the auto-allocation takes into account:

  • Care Professionals' availability- they will not be scheduled if it is out of hours or they have overlapping visits.

  • A declined Care Professional- It will never match a declined Care Professional.

What the auto-allocation does not take into account:

  • Skills matching- this is not taken into account by auto allocation

The allocation will then prioritise the Care Professionals who have visited the care recipient the most in the last 7 days.

This allocation will still be in a draft state which means you can review and update the suggested Care Professionals in the rota. You will still have the final decision on all allocations for visits.

You can reallocate a visit by clicking on any draft visit in the rota and clicking on Find alternative carer. You can then select another Care Professional to attend the visit.

Once you have run the Auto-assign feature, click on Push changes. The visits will then be visible in the Care Professionals app.

Do not leave the page or refresh while in the draft state, or you will lose your progress. We recommend only one person works on the rota and team settings while the rota is in draft a draft state.

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