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How to apply a template to plan a weekly rota
How to apply a template to plan a weekly rota

Make scheduling a breeze by using a template to allocate visits to the best-suited care professionals

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Please note: The following feature is available as part of Birdie’s Starter, Core, Advanced, Plus, Care Management and Advanced Care Management packages (Previously known as Care Management & Rostering, Care Management, Rostering & Finance, Premium, Entry and Essentials) Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

You can create and use scheduling templates within the birdie platform to easily replicate your preferred scheduling rota every week in a few quick steps.

You would use the template feature when starting to plan the roster for a week from scratch. When the template is applied the birdie platform will allocate the regular carer to a care recipient's visit schedule.

How do I create a template for my visits?

To create a template for your rota, you must first set up regular carers for your care recipient's visit schedules. Read how to do this here. Once you have done this you can follow the below steps.

Please note: You can assign multiple regular care professionals to each visit. However, as a general rule of thumb, the fewer care professionals you assign as regular for every visit, the more repeatable your templates will be.

How to apply a template to your visits

Start by going to the Roster tab, and click on Plan rota, a drop-down menu will appear, and click on Apply template.

Once you have clicked on Apply template the system will now allocate all the regular carers to their visits. This will be in draft form, allowing you to still make changes. You will see a Preparing your template modal pop-up.

Once you are happy with the template click Push changes.

Shifts and the template

If you are using Shifts, the template will assign visits to them as normal, as long as you have set regular carers up and have not declined the Care Professional from visiting.

For more information on Shifts, please see this article here - How to create Shifts using Birdie rostering [beta].

What to do if you still have unallocated visits

If visits are not allocated once the template has been applied it is due to the below reasons, please check these are rectified before applying the template again:

  • Birdie will not assign regular carers if they are not available for the visit or the whole run

  • Birdie will not split runs between multiple carers

  • Birdie does not assign overlapping visits, unless they are part of the same run

  • Birdie will never assign declined caregivers

  • Birdie will never assign people that are not part of the same Group. If a run contains a Care Recipient in a Group that is different from the group of the regular carer, we will not assign this run and it will remain unallocated.

  • If multiple regular carers are assigned to a visit/run and they are available, we will select the carers in a way to maximise the number of visits we can assign (meaning if one of the carers is also regular for another visit, we will try to assign both visits)

How to make changes once the template has been applied

You can also make changes after confirming the template by using the Find an alternative carer tool for a visit if you have changed your mind.

If you do this, we recommend updating the regular carer for the visit, so you don't have to update it next time!


If you are experiencing issues templating your rota, please read this article How to troubleshoot when templating your rota

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