How to use the Multi-branch feature on the Birdie app

Our multi-branch feature enables Care professionals to see all their assigned visits regardless of what branch they are in!

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

Care professionals will now be able to see all visits they are assigned to in one view, regardless of what branch they are logged into or what branch/agency the visit is scheduled under.

This means they no longer have to continuously switch between branches on the mobile app in order to keep track of all visits scheduled for the day.

If a visit is in a different branch than the one they are currently logged into, this will be clearly indicated by:

1) A blue tint over the visit

2) A box and arrow icon to the right

When the Care professional clicks on that visit, they will be prompted to switch to the correct branch.

Please note: This will automatically appear on all Care professional's phones as long they are on the appropriate version of the app (10.45.1 or higher)

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