How to attach Body maps when raising concerns

Our body maps feature will allow your carers to visualise and share skin issues and concerns in real time.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages excluding Starter and Entry packages, Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

It is a CQC requirement to record skin conditions and attach body maps to any skin-related concern. When using paper-based body map solutions to report these concerns, information can become outdated or susceptible to error and reporting of an issue can be delayed.

That's why we've now made it possible to leverage our best-in-class body maps when raising any concern from the Carer app. You will also be able to see these concerns directly on the Agency Hub.

Body maps on the Birdie app

When raising an alert, Care professionals will now have the option to attach one or more body maps. Within the Birdie app, you can:

  • Add a body map to any type of concern - including Accidents, Incidents, Skin Integrity and Medication

  • Attach multiple body maps to a single concern - for instance, if your client fell and hit both their head and elbow

  • Visualise and record skin integrity issues - from cuts, bruises, pressure sores, skin conditions, injuries and more

  • Quickly surface evidence for audits - with timestamps, notes, body maps, and actions recorded and centralised within the Agency Hub

When logged into any visit, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Click Raise alert in the top right-hand corner of the app

  2. Select the concern type, i.e. Accidents, Incidents, Skin Integrity, Medication or Other

  3. Select the severity level, i.e. High, Medium or Low

  4. Identify who should see this concern. Please note: Choose Public if you'd like it to be shared with family members or other members of the client's care team - or Private if you'd only like the Care Manager to see

  5. Click Use a body map and select the location of the concern, i.e. Breast and armpits, Hand (left), Hand (right) and more

  6. Either select all or a specific area on the body map to visualise where the incident occurred or concern is located

  7. Optional: Click add another body map if you'd like to record more than one location for a concern

  8. Click next and add in any notes for further context

  9. Select Add concern to report

Watch the below video for more guidance on how to raise a concern on the app

Body maps for concerns on the Agency Hub

The body map will then be surfaced directly in the Agency Hub within both the Visit Log and the Inbox tab. Here, Care Managers will be able to instantly see the site of the problem and investigate it in real-time.

The below image shows you what this will look like on the Agency Hub. From here you can change the Status, Severity or Concern type, you will also be able to add any additional comments and view the timeline of events.

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