How to schedule a report to be sent via email from Birdie Analytics

Learn how to automate reports to be send via email from Birdie Analytics

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We know how busy the care industry is, which means that you don't have the time to always send colleagues reports. Luckily, with Looker, you can schedule reports to be emailed to whoever you wish automatically.

How do I set up a Scheduled Report?

To create a scheduled report to be sent via email, select a specific report you want to be emailed (ie. Care Delivery Trends). After using the filters within the report to adjust the data (such as filtering for a specific date and Client if required, click the 3 dots (as below) at the top right of the dashboard tile. You will then be prompted with a window to Schedule Delivery.

You will then see a pop-up window for the report you are scheduling.

From there you can select tabs to set your own personal criteria (as below) Once completed, just click on Save

Settings Filters Advanced Option

How to cancel a Scheduled Delivery

As above, click on Schedule Delivery, there will be a pop-up showing your scheduled reports. Simply click on the 3 dots (image below) and select Delete, the report will be cancelled.

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