At Birdie, we know that the more service types you have, the more complex your finance gets. We have now released - for both invoice and pay rates - a section where you can charge and pay different rates depending on the service type. This includes:

  • Personal Care

  • Complex Care

  • Companionship

  • Sleeping Night

  • Waking Night

This article will cover how to add Service Type rates to invoicing rates as well as pay rates. You are able to edit existing rates or add new ones.

How to set Service Type Invoice Rates

If you need to add a new invoice rate, go to Invoicing rates and click on New invoice rate.

When to use Service Type Rates?

You may have a client that you charge for Personal Care in the day and a different rate for Sleeping Nights. Now you can set up an invoicing rate that reflects this.

You are able to set a Default rate at the top, which will be your rate until you add a service type rate under Add service type. Once you set a specific time for that new service type rate this will override the Default rate.

Then, make sure to click on Add service type rate. Here you can choose the service type that you want to create a rate for, for example, if you have a specific rate for Sleeping Nights you can select this here.

Enter the times that this rate applies to, as well as the days of the week. Enter the hourly rate you are charging for this, or you can also add a time-banded rate.

Multiple Pay Rates for Carers

If you pay your carers different rates depending on what type of care work they do, you are now able to specify a new service rate on the Pay Rate section on the Birdie Platform. For example, you can select Complex Care and pay a higher rate for this type of care.

If the carer has a default set of rates that apply to non-care work (e.g. admin time in the office, shadowing, training, etc) then a Default rate can be set up. This will be applied for any visit in the roster that does not have a service type attached. Training and shadowing visits won't have a service type since they're not related to a Care Recipient.

Setting Service Types on Visits

To connect the Service Type Rate to the visit you will need to create a Purchase Order for each Service Type set up and linked to the contract.

When you set up the visit in the "Create visit schedule" section on the Client page you can select the funding for that visit and the client will be charged correctly.

The carer you have selected for that visit will also be paid correctly as they are connected to that Service Type in the Pay Rate section. You'll also be able to invoice for the correct Service Type on the visit, as long as you have set this on the invoice rate.

If you don't have access to our Rostering, People, and Billing features yet, check out this page to find out more about the new Birdie Platform.

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