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Setting up your team's access on Birdie
Setting up your team's access on Birdie

Learn how to set or update your teams access to Birdie

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To get started on Birdie, you will need to add your Care professionals to the Agency hub. You will need to decide whether they are a User (care professional) or if will they have Admin access or An Admin + Finance for those using Birdies rostering & finance package.

What are the different roles?

A User- will be for your team who will only have access to the Birdie App once they have downloaded it onto their mobile devices.

An Admin- will have access to the Birdie Platform and make changes to your care recipients and care professionals.

For those using Birdie Finance, you also have additional roles to choose from

Default user- will allow you to view/assign rates & confirm visits 

Finance onboarder- will allow you to view/assign rates and funding information, as well as the ability to confirm visits

Finance Manager- will be for the finance managers in your team, these users can do all of the above and can also make edits to pay rates/charge rates, travel rates etc.

If a member of your team needs access to the Finance tab, please request this via the Support Team, this will then be verified by the Customer Success Team at Birdie.

How to add a Care professional (User profile)

Click on the Team tab in the top menu and select Add new Caregiver.

Fill in the Care professional's name, email address and phone number. Here you will also change the status to Active and select No for Admin. If you use groups in your agency you can select the group here. This information can be changed at a later date if needed

Please note: You will not be able to add a Care Professional to your agency hub if their number is already in use elsewhere on Birdie. If you receive this error, please reach out to our support team via the Chatbot or by emailing They will be able to add them for you.

How to create an Admin profile

If you decide to change a User to an Admin profile so that they can access the Agency Hub you can do this by going to the Team tab and selecting the care professional.

On the Basic Info tab, scroll across to the Agency Admin tab, navigate to Roles & Status and click Edit.

Here you can change the status to Admin and click Save when you are done. If you need to change the profile back to a user profile you can do this here as well.

Please note! If you are using a rostering integration you will not see the Create new caregiver button. You will need to add the user as a carer in your rostering system and their profile will automatically be created in Birdie in the next sync.

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