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How to discard & restore visits in the visit confirmation tab
How to discard & restore visits in the visit confirmation tab

You have the option to discard visits from the Visit Confirmation tab

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Please note: The following feature is available as part of Birdie’s Starter, Core, Advanced and Plus packages (Also known as Care Management, Rostering & Finance, Premium, Entry and Essentials) Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

We have made it so you can discard any visits in the event that you do not want to invoice or pay for those visits, for example. This can be used if a care recipient became inactive but was not updated in Birdie or if you have created a shadow visit that you do not want to invoice for.

How to discard visits from the Confirm Visits tab

Go to the Finance tab and click on the Confirm visits tab on the left-hand side.

Select the visits you want to discard by using the tick boxes to the left of any visit.

Then select Discard in the top right-hand corner of the screen, this can be done individually for a visit or in bulk for multiple visits.

When you click Discard you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm the action. The pop-up will let you know:

When you click Discard you will see a pop-up warning box letting you know what actions will happen, this ensures you can safeguard against errors and accidental deletions. Visits that are discarded will not be added to the invoice or the Care professional's payslip.

If you want to proceed with discarding these visits, you can select Discard.

How to restore visits you have discarded

We advise that you review both the Discarded from payroll and Discarded from Invoicing tabs to ensure a visit meant to be confirmed hasn't accidentally ended up in the discarded tabs.

You can restore a visit if you have accidentally discarded it from the confirm visits tab. Click the Discarded from payroll or Discarded from invoicing tab to view these visits.

Here you will see the visits that have been discarded, you can use the filters to search through if need be. Once you have found the visit, click the box next to the care recipient's name and then click Restore, these selected visits will move back to the list of visits to confirm.

For troubleshooting and commonly asked questions, see the article here.

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