Birdie has been introducing more flexibility when creating rate cards. As part of this work, the team has created fixed rates to better support the funding of Overnight visits and Live-in care.

The rate types now available in the Birdie Platform include:

  • Single - Single rate can be used if you charge an hourly rate for your care.

  • Banded - Rates set up as time bands, with time-banded rates associated with visit length (i.e 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.)

  • Fixed - Rates set up for a fixed visit length.

For more information on Fixed Rates, read on.

How to use fixed rates if you have a single overnight visit length

Some agencies will have one overnight visit length for their fixed visits - i.e. 10 hours for sleeping nights, 10 hours for waking nights. If this scenario applies to your agency, read the below instructions.

To create a fixed rate for your overnight visits first go to the Finance tab and click on Pay rates on the left menu, to first create an overnight pay rate.

To set up a this overnight pay rate, you can choose to create a new rate card by clicking on the New Pay Rate or you can click on an existing one and click on Edit.

To read more on how to set up a pay rate card, read the article here.

Once you have created or selected the pay rate card, you will then:

  • Click Add service type rate,

  • Choose the service type, i.e. Sleeping night or Waking night

  • Click Add rate,

  • Select Day type,

  • Select when the rate Applies,

  • As rate select Fixed,

  • Enter your overnight rate and click Add.

Please note: you can add multiple service type rates to one rate card (i.e. if you wanted to record rates for Personal Care, Companionship, and Sleeping and Waking Night visits on the same card.) And as a last step click Save.

You would repeat the above steps to then create an Overnight Invoicing rate. To read more about how to create an invoice rate card, read this article.

The below showcases an example Overnight Pay Rate card, that includes both Single hourly rates for Personal Care and Companionship as well as Fixed rates for Sleeping and Waking nights.

How to use fixed rates if you have multiple overnight visit lengths

If you have a more diverse set of overnight visit lengths (i.e. a combination of 8 hour fixed visits, 10 hour fixed visits, and/or 12 hour fixed visits) you can set different overnight rates for those different visit lengths.

STEP 1: The best practice for managing it is first setting up the overnight rate for the visit length (i.e. 10 hours) that is most common across your agency. For instance, if you have different overnight rates for 8, 10 and 12 hours visit lengths and your most common visits are 10 hours, you would first set up a rate card for that 10 hour fixed visit by following the steps above and assigning the rate card to your carer(s) as normal.

STEP 2: In addition, you need to create separate rate cards for each of the other fixed visit lengths that need to be accommodated e.g. one pay rate card for 8 hour overnight visits and another pay rate card for 12 hour overnight visits.

You can create them by following the same steps above. We recommend naming them clearly with the visit length they’ve been created for. Please note: At this point, you would not assign these rate cards to any carer.

You would repeat the above steps to then create an Overnight Invoicing rate. To read more about how to create an invoice rate card, read this article.

How do I apply these additional fixed visit rates to a visit?

If a care recipient has a fixed visit length that is different to your most common/default fixed visit set up (i.e. 8 hours instead of the default 10 hours), you will need to manually override this for that specific client. You would do this by clicking into their visit schedule and applying the fixed rate, much as you would when selecting funding for a visit schedule.

To apply one of those bespoke fixed rates to a particular visit schedule:

  • Click into the particular Visit (either from within the Visits tab or within Visit Planning on the client profile)

  • Choose View visit details option by clicking on the particular visit,

  • Click Edit,

  • Then click on More options,

  • Choose Override rate cards,

  • Select the Pay rate you would like to apply for this visit,

  • Click Save.

When calculating a pay rate the system will now see the carer's normal, assigned rate card but also evaluate the schedule-specific rate card, and pick the rate on the latter for visits to this particular client and visit schedule.

By setting the 'default' pay rate card up with the most common length of overnight visits, you can minimise the amount of work required to assign bespoke rate cards to certain visit schedules.

You would then repeat this process to override and select the correct Charge rate card as you did with the Pay rate above.

Please note: The second fixed rates (overriding for specific clients and visit schedules) scenario is part of Birdie’s Essentials package. To learn more about how you can benefit, please contact your Account Manager.

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