Our rota experience will give you a better understanding of what’s happening across your agency and allow you to surface the most relevant information to the task at hand.

Your rota screen will now include:

  • Configurable display options

  • Bolder colours, colour-coding and icons for visits and absences

How to use the display options on the rota screen

Go to the Visit tab in the Agency Hub, and click the ‘Display options’ button on the top left of the screen.

A drop-down menu of the display options will now appear, including:

‘View’ options, allowing you to change the view between:

  • Timeline view

  • Day view

‘Show ‘options, allowing you to include/exclude from your rota screen:

  • Travel time

  • Unavailable carers

You'll also be able to toggle between Carer and Client view.

What is the timeline view?

Timeline is the current view you are used to seeing in the Birdie Platform - as well as the place you can see your rota screen on a weekly basis. To see the rest of the week you can scroll left.

If you would like to see the rota of a different week, you can click on the left or right arrow at the top of the screen to see the week you would like to see.

What is the day view?

You now have the option to see the rota screen in a Day View. From the Display options menu, select ‘Day'. This will allow you to consolidate the rota screen into a single day, and quickly see the more important information.

By using the dots at the top of the screen you can navigate the sections of the Day View. To do this, simply click on each dot, which will help reduce unnecessary scrolling time (though you will still have the ability to scroll if you’d like!).

Please note: The number of dots depends on your screen size.

What is the unavailable carer's option?

From the Display options menu, you are able to show and hide unavailable carers. To include unavailable carers in your rota, keep this box checked - to remove them from your view, uncheck the box.

What is the travel time option?

This view will allow you to get a visual understanding of travel time across your rota. To learn more, see here.

What do the colours mean on the Rota Screen?

Colour Codes for Absences

On the rota screen, there are different colours to set different types of absence such as out of hours, annual leave, sick leave and other. When you book an absence for a carer, it will appear on the rota screen with a different colour based on the absence type.

Colour Codes for Visit Status

The rota screen also has different colours for visit status, allowing you to easily identify the state of visits. This includes:

  • Unallocated visits are unfilled, with a dark outline

  • Allocated visits are dark blue

  • Missed visits are red

  • Completed visits are green

  • In progress visits are purple

  • Cancelled visits are dark grey (please note: cancelled visits are seen only on the Client View)

There are also new icons for double-up visits, which will provide you with additional visual cues. When you hover over any visit, you will be able to easily see double-up numbers in the pop-up card.

What is the Client View?

When you click the Client View, you will be able to see the visits occurring for a particular client.

Note: This view does not support the use of runs or drag and drop to change a carer. To leverage runs, please return to the Timeline or Day view. To change the assigned carer in the Client View, please click onto the visit and select ‘Find alternate carer.’

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