Please note: the following feature is currently available as a separate birdie offering. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information!

birdie’s rota screen will help you get an immediate understanding of your team’s utilisation and how it complies with Working Time Regulation. We’ve introduced helpful visuals and warnings to help you stay on top - and compliant with - this crucial information.

Where can I see my care team’s utilisation?

birdie’s rota screen has introduced new visuals and colours that make it easy to identify the most important information when creating your agency’s schedule - and staying on top of utilisation. This includes different colour bubbles and modals that surfaced when you need them most.

Different colour bubbles help visually identify how your care professional’s utilisation is stacking against their preferred working hours. They also make it easy to identify those who require your attention most.

They include:

  • A green bubble with a checkmark: this indicates that your care professional has met or are within their preferred working hours.

  • A grey bubble with a down arrow: this indicates that your care professional has not met or are below their preferred working hours.

  • A grey bubble with an up arrow: this indicated that you care professional has been allocated to more than their preferred working hours.

  • A red bubble with a warning icon: this indicates that your care professional has exceeded the Working Time Regulation (WTR) limit.

You can also hover over each of your care professionals to get more context and information! When you hover over their name, a card will now pop up that identifies:

  • Their preferred hours range

  • Total hours allocated for that week

  • If they have opted out of the WTR limit

To benefit from this utilisation visual, you must first set your care professional’s working range and identify if they have opted out of the 48-hour Working Time Regulation limit. To learn how to do this, read on.

How do I set their preferred working hour range?

To record your team’s preferred working hour ranges, you must first go to the Team tab.

Once here, click on each care professional you would like to record the hour ranges for. Then click on the Onboarding tab.

Under Preferred hours, you’ll be able to set Minimum hours and Maximum hours. Simply use the drop-down menu for each of these fields and record the preferred working hours range.

This information will then be used when tracking utilisation on the rota screen! Handy!

How do I indicate my care professional has opted out of this limit?

Birdie has kept Working Time Regulations in mind.

Within the Onboarding tab, you’ll also be able to record if that care professional has opted out of the Working Time Regulation limit of 48 hours.

Simply tick the WTR opt-out box under the Contract section of this tab.

As outlined above, if a care professional has exceeded that WTR limit, you will be visually warned with a red bubble icon under their name.

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