How to view your timesheet on the carer app
You now have full visibility of all the visits you have completed on the birdie app!
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You can now view visits that have been confirmed and are ready for payroll in your app. You will see the last 30 days of confirmed visits, this gives you visibility over what visits you have completed and allows you to raise any concerns you may have regarding your pay.

Step by step

  1. Log into the birdie carer app

  2. Click the purple person icon in the left-hand corner

  3. Click View Timesheet

  4. You will now see visits that have been confirmed by your manager

Please note, the app will only display visits confirmed by your care manager. If the visit has not been confirmed it will not show in your app. If you have any queries or require any adjustments to your payment please contact your care manager or agency directly.

Please note: this feature is part of the Birdie Platform Essentials package. It's also available by opt-in. If you’re interested in using this, please reach out to your Account Manager, who will be able to enable this for your care agency.

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